Mountune USA is the TSC Motorsport’s official engine partner for 2021 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb
TSC Motorsport return to Colorado on June 27th for the 99th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with a mountune USA built K-series engine

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, June 2021:

TSC Motorsport return to The
Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo for the 3rd time. Having taken the top honors last time they raced in 2019, the team did not compete in the 2020 event. Instead, the team focused their efforts creating an improved version of their Wolf GB08 Unlimited Class racer ready for this year. Dubbed the Wolf GB08 TSC-LT, the LT denotes the “Long Tail” aerodynamic improvements on the vehicle which produce a downforce increase of approximately 50% from their 2019 challenger.

With the team’s sights set on overall victory and the RWD record of 8:37.230, they have given themselves ambitious targets for this year’s event. “This is the biggest evolution of our car to- date, I think this will be a huge step forward in performance from our 2019 program” Shute says, also adding “Our preparations for this year’s race have been very limited, it’s going to be an exciting challenge to unlock all this potential in the short amount of time we are going to have in the days leading up to the race”.

For 2021, the car utilizes a brand new cooling system from PWR North America. The system has been fully integrated into the vehicle with over 30 iterations of engineering optimization. Bespoke engine water and oil coolers combined with a charge air intercooler have significantly reduced mass and packaging space in the car, while also improving cooling performance.

Mountune USA have become TSC Motorsport’s official engine partner for 2021, using their decades of experience in race engine building and Honda K-series engines to bring improved performance and reliability to the program. Each Pikes Peak engine is tested and verified on their engine dyno before being used in the race vehicle.

A custom turbocharger solution from Borg Warner Performance has been developed from their EFR racing turbo line to deal with the extreme challenges of high altitude performance in a highly stressed, small capacity engine.

To achieve the huge step forward in aerodynamic performance, Black Art Customs created a full car CFD simulation to develop the new aerodynamic package on the vehicle. Over 70 iterations of car design were created and run to find the best solution for the mountain. The 2021 aero package is stage 1 in a 2 stage aero development program. The full system will be launched for the 100th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2022.

Pirelli USA join the team once again for their 3rd year together on the mountain. Their tires provide the ultimate performance for the event, being able to deliver over 3g of grip in a reliable and consistent package.

VP Racing become the official fuel, coolant, detailer, and additives partner for the team. Having used their products in the last two attempts on the mountain, the team is continuing with a bigger partnership for this year. For 2021, the team will be using VP Racing’s X85 racing ethanol product as they look to extract even more power out of their engine package. The Stay Frosty premixed coolant is employed in the cooling system to maximize cooling performance in the low density air on the mountain.

New partner Motul come on board as the team’s lubricant partner. The powertrain in the car is being pushed to it’s limit, a challenge that the team knows well from previous races. The team are using the racing developed 300V Engine Oil along with the Competition Gear Oil and RBF700 brake fluid. These are tried and tested products that ensure reliability for the extreme demands the mountain provides.

The team’s long time partner Motorsports Electronics once again support the electronic systems and tuning on the car. This is one of the key elements of what makes the team’s package so competitive. Implementing clever control strategies makes for a drivable package, which allows Robin to push to the absolute limits on the mountain.

OMNI 41 Creative Design has conceived the brands that are “The Sendy Club” and “TSC Motorsport”. The latest developments from this studio are creating the visuals and livery design for the 2021 car including the 3D rendered images that support this press release.

The Berry are documenting the whole 2021 TSC effort as part of a motion picture documentary. Specializing in CGI and 3D graphics, they will be creating some unique content not seen before at the event.

Key facts about the Car


Wolf GB08 TSC-LT




1250lbs + Driver


3250lbs @ 124 mph

Top Speed



Mountune I4 Honda K20, 2.1L


Borg Warner EFR 8370


6 Speed Sequential, Paddleshift, RWD

Key facts about the Team

The Sendy Club (TSC) is a team based out of Los Angeles, California. The core team is a group of professional engineers by trade, and this Pikes Peak program provides a creative outlet for their automotive passions. Huge ambitions require a lot of support, and thus the team relies on the expertise and resource of likeminded people and companies to achieve these lofty goals. By contributing to this endeavor, they in turn become part of The Sendy Club family.

Key facts about the Driver

Robin Shute is a British professional racing driver and engineer. He has joined an elite group of drivers by winning America’s second oldest motor race and crowning himself King of the Mountain at the 2019 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

He specializes in both Prototype and Formula cars with a proven international track record in Hill Climb, Sprint and Endurance racing. He also uses his engineering prowess to develop cars and race programs for several OEM’s and race car manufacturers. He provides a unique, world class skillset of driving and engineering not usually seen in the motorsports industry.

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