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Vapor Blasting Service

Mountune USA Engine Development Services.

Mountune USA Engine Development Services are the benchmark for high performance and motorsport applications. Our full range of services can help you spend more time at the track with reliable maximum power. Precision machining and assembly ensure you have unmatched reliability, efficiency, and performance. With over 40 years of motorsport success, we offer the following services.

  • Engine Design, Development, and testing
  • Engine Assembly
  • Engine Machining and Balancing
  • Component Design and Manufacturing
  • Aqua/Vapor Blasting and Component Cleaning

Engine Machining Service.

We believe the foundation of any engine starts with the quality of machining. Our in house machining center features the latest equipment operated by experts. Mountune USA is capable of taking an engine from blueprinting and design to assembly and testing. Bringing each stage of the engine building process in-house has allowed us to maintain the quality that customers have come to expect from Mountune throughout the full build process.

  • Cylinder Boring and Cylinder Honing
  • Liner Honing
  • Engine Block Surfacing
  • Wet and Dry Cylinder Sleeve Installation
  • Line Boring
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Vapor Blasting Service

Vapor Blasting is commonly known as Aqua blasting, Wet blasting, Slurry blasting and Liquid honing. It is the number one choice for applications requiring the highest quality of surface finish. There are numerous reasons why Vapor Blasting is becoming more favorable over dry blasting and this is primarily because of its two key features; firstly, the finish is achieved by flow of water borne abrasive – not by impact, and secondly because it is a dust free process. The process lends itself nicely to any engine or piece that has a presentation finish.

Vapor Blasting is perfect way to clean and prepare many types of engine components, suspension parts, castings and other pieces when you want to retain the “as cast” look.
Vapor Blasting process cleans the surface like nothing else and creates the correct look and feel you want on your engine or other high quality restoration.
Vapor blasting is a less aggressive form of blasting in comparison to dry blasting, working just as effectively. The ricochet of media is reduced due to the cushioning effect created from the water acting as a lubricant between the media and the component surface. As a result, the angle of the media is changed, producing a lapping effect traveling across the surface, resulting in an even satin/ polished finish

Advantages of Vapor Blasting

Dust free process

Cleans by flow of water not by impact

Simultaneously degrease & blast clean

Water acts as a lubricant between media & component

Promotes longer media life

Produces a 'softer' finish

Avoids media impregnation on soft materials

Examples of Vapor Blasted Components.

40mm Mechanical Fuel Injection Throttle Bodies . Before and After

Lancia Water Pipe