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Engine Testing & Data Acquisition

In order to ensure each engine meets our performance and reliability standards, we track and compile data with our Superflow SF-902S Engine Dyno.

Our SuperFlow SF-902S Engine Dyno features:

  • 15,000 RPM; 1,500 HP; 1,200 lb-ft torque
  • 3,000 gallon closed-circuit water supply
  • 27,000 CFM cooling fan and heat exchanger for water supply to allow for extended durability testing
  • Pressurized cooling tower for engine coolant
  • Electronic throttle actuator enables programmed test profiles and lap simulation
  • Programmable lap simulation profiles for throttle/RPM closed loop target control
  • Programmable limites (engine RPM, torque, temperatures, pressures, lambda, etc.) for soft/hard test abort sequences.

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Our 20,000 sq ft complex is located less than 15 miles from LAX and the Port of Long Beach. Inhouse resources include a Rottler H85A cnc automatic vertical honing machine and F69A programmable automatic machining center, a fully enclosed SuperFlow SF-902S engine dyno cell, and state of the art engine build shop.

Mountune’s decades of experience in race engine development and engineering can bring improved performance and reliability to your racing program.

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