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mountune® Ford Fiesta ST Brake Upgrades

Upgrading the brakes on your Ford Fiesta doesn’t just improve your vehicle’s overall efficiency, it also enhances your driving experience. mountune’s line of performance brake upgrades include everything you need to optimize braking and performance for both the street and track.

Mountune has the Ford Fiesta brake upgrades you need to get better performance on the street and on the track. We carry both stock and performance Fiesta ST brake pads and rotors, as well as Fiesta ST brake upgrade kits that have everything you need to improve stopping power and heat resistance. By adding our proprietary pads and Stoptech slotted rotors to your Fiesta ST front brakes, you can get better performance without compromising on noise or brake dust. We also carry versions of these parts for Fiesta ST rear brake upgrades, so you can improve performance at all four corners.

Want better pedal feel to go with your Ford Fiesta ST brake kit? We make our brake hoses with reinforced steel braided lines that expand less than stock hoses under hydraulic pressure. Pair these hoses with some Motul high-temperature brake fluid, and your car’s braking feel will stay consistent, even on track runs.

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Does the Ford Fiesta have rear brakes?

The Ford Fiesta comes with self-adjusting drum system rear brakes. This was a strategic decision by Ford in order to reduce brake wear problems.

How can I make my Ford Fiesta brake pads last longer?

Practicing proper brake usage (reducing instances of slamming the brakes) and reducing vehicle weight are two ways that you can extend the life of your Fiesta brake pads. We also recommend purchasing upgraded brake pads that are designed for performance use, as these pads will respond better to the extreme conditions of performance driving.