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mountune® Ford Fiesta ST Drivetrain Upgrades

Upgrading Fiesta ST drivetrain components enhances your driving experience and performance. mountune engineered upgrade components, such as roll restrictors and differentials, help you reclaim control of your Ford in all types of driving conditions. Maximize your driving experience and everything that your vehicle can do with our Fiesta ST drivetrain accessories.

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Is a Ford Fiesta front-wheel drive?

The Ford Fiesta is a front-engine, front-wheel-drive car that is known for its excellent handling and sporty suspension.

How can I make my Fiesta faster?

In order to see a substantial increase in the speed of your Ford Fiesta, you’ll need to upgrade several different areas of your car with performance-oriented mods. For increases in speed and horsepower, we recommend cold-air intakes, high-flow air filters and tuning with Cobb Accessport flashers.