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mountune® Ford Focus ST & RS Drivetrain Upgrades

Improving select drivetrain components can enhance and optimize your driving experience. Mountune engineered and upgraded components, such as short shifters and heavy duty engine mounts help you reclaim control of your Ford Focus RS or ST in all types of driving conditions. Maximize your driving experience and everything that your vehicle can do with our Ford Focus drivetrain accessories.

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Mountune Stage 1 Focus ST Gearbox Mountune Stage 1 Focus ST Gearbox
Sale price:$4,299.00
Savings: $200.00
Drivetrain Upgrade - HD Clutch - Ford Focus ST Drivetrain Upgrade HD Package for Focus ST - Includes Quaife, ACT, Mountune
Sale price:$2,289.00
Savings: $170.00
Ford MMT6 Gearbox Service & Upgrade Ford (6000-GL-AA) | Mountune Ford MMT6 Gearbox Transmission Service and upgrade
Sale price:$1,749.00
Savings: $50.00

Quaife Focus Rs 2016-2018 Atb Helical Differential - Mountune Usa | Mountune Quaife ATB Differential - Focus RS 2016-2018
Sale price:$999.00
Savings: $200.00



Is Ford Focus ST front- or rear-wheel drive?

The Focus ST has a front-wheel drive, but the advanced technology used by Ford has minimized torque steer for better handling, unlike most front-wheel-drive cars.

How do I make my Focus ST shift better?

Our most popular upgrades for quicker shifting and better handling are the mountune Quick Shift and the mountune Roll Restrictor/Rear Motor Mount.