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mountune® Ford Focus RS Performance Upgrades

mountune has more Focus RS tuning experience than any other company resulting in a wide range of proven products backed by over 35 years of motorsport DNA. Our team has spent countless hours developing upgrades that enhance power and performance to new levels. The ever expanding product line includes the best engineered products that perform on the road or track. From air intakes to exhaust systems, mountune has the Focus RS upgrade you can count on to produce maximum reliable power.

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Forged 2.3L Ecoboost Engine Component Kit - Motorsport Engines & Components | Mountune mountune Forged 2.3L EcoBoost Engine Component Kit
Sale price:$3,199.00
Savings: $148.00

Lightweight 2 Piece Brake Rotor - Ford Focus Rs A1-169K Performance | Mountune Girodisc Lightweight 2 Piece Brake Rotor Set - Focus RS
Sale price:$1,650.00
Savings: $50.00

Focus Rs Induction System (2536-Is-Aa) - Ford Focus RS Power & Performance Upgrade | Mountune mountune Focus RS Induction System
Sale price:$999.00
Savings: $277.00

Mountune Focus Rs M380 Performance Upgrade (2536-M380-Blk) | Mountune mountune Focus RS M380 Performance Upgrade - Focus RS 2016-2018
Sale price:$999.00
Savings: $200.00

Quaife Focus Rs 2016-2018 Atb Helical Differential - Mountune Usa | Mountune Quaife ATB Differential - Focus RS 2016-2018
Sale price:$999.00
Savings: $200.00

Mountune Fast Road Brake Upgrade Package - Ford Focus Rs Performance | Mountune mountune Fast Road Brake Upgrade Package Focus RS
Sale price:$689.00
Savings: $84.94

Mountune Track Brake Pad Set - F/R - Focus RS 2016-2018 | Mountune mountune Track Brake Pad Set - F/R - Focus RS
Sale price:$295.80
Savings: $52.20

Mountune Street Brake Pad Set - F/R - Focus RS 2016 - 2018 | Mountune mountune Street Brake Pad Set - F/R - Focus RS
Sale price:$244.80
Savings: $43.20

Mountune Radiator Coolant Hose Focus Rs - High Performance | Mountune mountune Ultra high-performance silicone coolant kit Focus RS Black
Sale price:$99.00
Savings: $30.00

Mountune Gearknob - Performance Accessories | Mountune mountune Gearknob


About the Ford Focus RS

The Ford Focus RS was Ford’s version of a sporty compact. Essentially, it was a compact hatchback or sedan that had a Mustang engine. Originally launched in 2009, the RS expanded the power of the Focus ST with a 2.5L engine.

The Focus RS became a consumer favorite for its style and its power. Ford continued to improve performance of the Focus RS including all wheel drive and additional drifting capabilities. Ford Focuses have been featured in both touring and rally car races.

Ford Focus RS Performance Parts

Affordability and power is a major incentive for Focus drivers. When it comes to modding or upgrading performance, the Ford Focus RS price point, stock components, and straightforward engineering make it a go-to vehicle for performance upgrades and enhancements. Prominent models for upgrades include the 2016 Ford Focus RS, Ford Focus RS 2013, the 2015 Ford Focus RS, and the 2019 Ford Focus RS.

Compared to other popular Ford sport models like the Fiesta ST and the Mustang Ecoboost, the Focus RS offers abundance of power, handling, and customizations.